Langfords Photography Competition and Exhibition

Reception & auction: Sat 21st August 2021 (7 – 10pm)
Exhibition: Wed 18th, Fri 20th, Sat 21st August 2021 (2 – 6pm)
Langford Parish Hall

(Wylye Valley River image by Andrew Smith: Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic)


To celebrate the easing of the lock down the Langford Parish Hall is hosting a showcase of the photographic talents of Wylye Valley residents. The event will include a 3-day exhibition of all entries, a competition with prizes for the best photographs, and the competition winners will be announced at an evening reception to include an auction of the entries.


All photographs, in both themed and non-themed categories, will be exhibited in the Langfords Village Hall on Wed 18th, Fri 20th, Sat 21st August 2021 from 2pm – 6pm.

Evening Reception

An evening drinks reception will be held to close the exhibition at the Village Hall on 21st August 2021 from 7-10pm. This event is free for anyone to attend and includes the blind auction and announcement of competition winners.


Submissions based on the theme of ‘The Lovely Langfords’ and ‘Wonderful Wylye Valley’ will be entered into a competition with prizes for Adult and Child (U16) categories. Winners will be announced at the evening reception.


Entrants can choose to submit their photographs (themed or non-themed) into a blind auction to be held at the evening reception. The highest bidders will receive the photograph and the payment will go to the photographer.


How to Enter

Entries accepted electronically from July 1st 2021 until August 5th 2021. The submission fee is £3 per person. Each person can enter up to 3 photographs, up to two of which on the theme of ‘The Lovely Langfords’ and ‘Wonderful Wylye Valley’ (entered into the exhibition and competition) and one of which can be non-themed (entered into the exhibition only). Entrants must complete a submission form, pay the entry fee and submit your photographs. There are 2 ways to enter as outlined below. (if you need assistance with your entry or submission, please email questions to



The submission form and payment can be completed online using the link below. Once you have completed the registration and made payment, you must still email your photographs using the email photo link below.

Email / In-Person

You can download the submission form using the button below. Please complete the form and return with photographs to the email on the form. Payment can be made in-person at Langford Village Hall.


Exhibition / Competition Rules


One entry with up to 3 photos can be submitted per individual. Up to 2 of these photos can be on the main theme (‘The Lovely Langfords’ and ‘Wonderful Wylye Valley’) and will be entered into the main competition. The entrant can also submit up to 1 ‘non-
themed’ photograph that they would like to display. The ‘non-themed’ photo won’t be eligible for the competition but will be able to be entered into the blind auction (along with photos from the main theme).


The ‘main theme’ photos must be taken within the last year in the local area (within 10 miles of the Langfords).


Photos must be submitted electronically in JPG, BMP or GIF format.


Submitted photos must be taken by the entrant.


You must consent for your submitted photos to be displayed in the Langford Parish Hall for the duration of the exhibition.


The competition winner will have their photo displayed on the wall of the Parish Hall on a long-term basis with name of photographer, title, location and year, either in electronic or printed form.


Photos will be displayed electronically during the exhibition. The competition organisers will also arrange for a number of photos to be printed for display during the exhibition (which the organisers will pay for). Any printed photos that have not been won in the blind auction will be made available to the entrant who took the photo after the exhibition for free – details will be made available at the exhibition.


Blind auction: There will be a ballot box available at the exhibition for attendees to place bids on unframed / unmounted photo prints they wish to purchase from any photos entered into the blind auction. The minimum bid is £2. The highest bid for each photo will win the photo and will be paid to the entrant who took the photo. Further details will be made available at the exhibition.